Welcome to Radvocate...

It's happened to all of us - a small (or big) problem with a product or service, hours spent trapped in customer service phone trees, endless promises with no actual resolution.

Companies have learned that if they make it hard enough to complain, you'll just go away. That's why we started Radvocate - to help even the balance of power between you and giant companies and to encourage companies to be better at resolving problems for their customers.

We're a passionate team of coders, designers & informed consumers who are devoted to giving you the leverage you need to escape customer service nightmares. It's simple, easy and free to submit a claim - we only get paid if you do. Try us out or learn more about how it works.


Meet our team


Maxine, Head of Operations

Maxine is a graduate of Stanford Law and Business Schools and was formerly a lawyer at one of Australia's biggest firms. She blogs on running legal technology companies.

Maxine once called a telecom provider 17 times over 4 months to fix her international text messaging. One call lasted over 5 hours. She still has nightmares about it.

Teel, CEO

Teel is a graduate of Princeton University and Harvard Law School. He previously worked at the law firm of Cravath, Swaine & Moore and at LegalZoom. He also founded an ethical clothing startup.

Teel has spent 12 months rejecting a large cable company’s attempts to charge him a replacement fee for equipment that he already returned.


Samet, Operations Manager

Samet studied Peace & Conflict Resolution at Goucher College. She previously worked on research and strategic advocacy for the American Federation of Teachers. She loves to travel, cook, and throw pottery.

Samet has had so many frustrating customer service interactions that it’s hard to settle on just one!

Max, Head of Marketing & Analytics

Max is a graduate of Harvard University and a veteran of technology firms including Lyft, Gigster, and APT. He also lived a year in Ethiopia, where he worked on policy innovation and trekked an active volcano.

Max once spent 5 months fighting for the reinstatement of 40,000 airline miles that had been wrongly categorized as expired.