Some of the questions we frequently get from our clients...


Q: How much does your service cost?

A: You don't pay anything unless you receive compensation. If you receive compensation through our services, we will deduct 30% of the monetary compensation as a fee. For example, if you filed a claim for $200 and are successful, we will keep $60 and send you a check for $140. In addition to that fee, we also keep any filing and service fees that we had to pay on your behalf. We may also give you the option of paying $29.99 upfront instead of 30% later (available on some claims).

Q: Wait, really? No up-front costs?

A: That's right! Crazy, huh?

Q: What is an arbitration?

A: An arbitration is an informal but legally binding dispute resolution process in which a neutral third party (the arbitrator) decides whether you are entitled to your claim. An arbitration is supposed to be less costly and time consuming than a traditional lawsuit. Most consumer contracts require you to bring claims through arbitration instead of through the public court system. 

Q: What sorts of complaints can be submitted?

A: Most claims submitted are for poor customer service, misleading advertising or faulty products or services.

Q: Is radvocate a lawyer?

A: No - radvocate is not a lawyer and will not advise you on your legal rights or obligations. Radvocate is an online interface that makes it easy and free to take advantage of companies' legal dispute resolution processes.

Q: How do You resolve my claims?

A: Radvocate automates the complicated dispute resolution process that companies impose on you. Once you submit a claim, we fill out all of the paperwork, send all of the letters, and file all of the papers. You just sit back and relax. Companies will usually offer to settle your claim, but if they don't you'll have an opportunity to make your case in front of an arbitrator. All Radvocate claims are administered by the American Arbitration Association.

Q: What if I change my mind about filing a complaint?

A: Just sign into your Radvocate dashboard and click "Cancel Claim".

Q: I already submitted a claim - how do I check its status?

A: Your Radvocate dashboard will have an up to date status and let you know where your claim is in the process.