Company promised you a bonus to switch phone carriers? But they didn't deliver?

Customers report getting cheated out of hundreds under rebate and buyout offers

It sounds like a great deal:

  • “Get up to $650 value for switching to AT&T”

  • “Trade-in your old device and T-Mobile will pay it off up to $650”

  • “Get a $250 Prepaid Mastercard when you switch to Verizon”

  • “Switch to Sprint and we will cover your switching fees up to $400 per line”

But a lot of wireless customers are finding out that these deals can be too good to be true.

How Can You Take Action on Direct Selling Issues?

Radvocate collects Complaints from MLM victims. Here are some legal options you might not know about

The appeal is obvious:

  • Run your own business

  • Earn some spare cash

  • Take control of your financial future

Whether they’re called “Direct Selling,” “Multi-Level Marketing,” or (according to some) “Pyramid Schemes”, the common pattern of these types of sales networks is that you purchase goods from the corporation at the center, try to sell them yourself, and try to recruit new “downlinks” so that you can get credit for their sales as well.

At Radvocate, we help individuals take on big companies, and we want to hear your complaints about MLMs.

"The Meanest Company in America"? Dish Network Customers Want Help!

Some Customers Looking for Answers Over Persistent Billing and Service Complaints

DISH Network hasn’t had a good year.

A lawsuit earlier this year put DISH on the hook for $61 million dollars for illegal telemarketing.

And the Better Business Bureau lists 1,217 complaints against the company in the past year over their billing practices, misleading promotions and sales tactics, poor service, and other issues.

What’s the most frustrating company? Here's what the numbers say...

We crunched the numbers on over 50 top companies and found Dish Network sets the standard for worst customer services.

See the overall rankings and industry-specific rankings for airlines, cable, wireless, MLMs, rideshare, banks and financial services, car insurance.

What are the most hated companies?

Latest from Comcast: Refunds for Mass. customers over hidden fees, impact on credit

Comcast customers in Massachusetts may be in for a welcome holiday present: cash refunds.

As first reported by Ars Technica, an announcement yesterday from Attorney General Maura Healy revealed a settlement covering 20,000 Comcast subscribers, some of whom could gain hundreds of dollars.

T-Mobile scandal: Overbilled customers nationwide speak out

Remember how Wells Fargo got in big trouble for slamming customers with accounts they never wanted? It sounds like T-Mobile could be next.

T-Mobile store employees are coming out of the woodwork to describe misleading sales practices. Employees say they crammed customer bills with hidden charges for things they never asked for, like T-Mobile's Jump Insurance program.

Dish Network Named Most Frustrating Company. What Can Customers Do?

Dish Network has the most customers seeking legal options

A lawsuit decided earlier this year found DISH liable for telemarketing to numbers on the Do Not Call List, with penalties of up to $1200 per person.

If you have a complaint with DISH Network, and want compensation, Radvocate can process it for you — we get results:

Want Fair Treatment from AT&T? Let us help...

AT&T isn’t known for its customer service. But some mistreated customers, instead of getting frustrated, are getting refunds and cash settlements.

The key is a little known contract clause called Consumer Arbitration. When you signed your service agreement with AT&T, or with their affiliate DirecTV, you signed away your right to join a larger group of customers and sue them in court.

What you do have is a right for an independent expert to review your claim and determine compensation. This process is called consumer arbitration, and Radvocate specializes in the process of compiling and submitting your claim. Best part, we only get paid if you win!

Not an AT&T customer? Submit a claim against Comcast or DirecTV, or let us know which company your complaint is with...

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Do YOU want JUSTICE from AT&T

Radvocate specializes in helping customers get paid back. We’ll take your basic information and submit your documents.

It’s free to file*, and it gets companies to listen!

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Have questions? Learn more at our AT&T Customer Action Center

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"License to steal?" Customers are being overcharged, but will AT&T listen!?

"License to steal?" Customers are being overcharged, but will AT&T listen!?

Feel like your wireless, cable, or internet bill is a scam? If you’re an AT&T customer, you’re not the only one.

CBS News is turning up angry customers of AT&T's wireless, U-Verse, and Direct TV services. They claim they were misled while signing up, only to be hit with hidden fees afterward.

If you were misled or overcharged by AT&T, we feel your pain!