All About Verizon Lawsuits:

What kind of Verizon Lawsuits are allowed?


Verizon, like many big phone and cable companies, can be a tough corporate entity to work with if you have a major complaint about your service or treatment.

If you have already tried all of the options available to you, maybe it’s time to take legal action against Verizon in order to get the settlement that you deserve.

Making a Verizon lawsuit can be tricky, but there is some important information that can start you off on the right foot:

Here are some Verizon lawsuits to know about:

1 – Are lawsuits allowed against Verizon?

2 – What is a Class Action lawsuit? Can I file a Class Action lawsuit against Verizon?

3 – As an Verizon customer, what are my options for a Lawsuit?

4 – Nine Recent and Notable Verizon lawsuits

1 – Are lawsuits allowed against Verizon?

Like many legal questions, the answer is “it’s complicated.”

As with many other internet service providers, Verizon tries their best to ensure that their best interests are considered. Your Verizon subscriber agreement will often include language saying that you cannot sue them in most types of legal courts. However, consumers will always have the option to either take Verizon to a small claims court, or to file a consumer arbitration claim against them.

We’re biased, but consumer arbitration is often the better option. It’s also the one we can help with!

2 – What is a Class Action lawsuit? Can I file a Class Action lawsuit against Verizon?

Class Action lawsuits are designed to bring together a class of individuals with the same complaint. However, if you’re an Verizon customer, you often won’t have the option to file or join a class action.

Because of your Verizon contract, there will often be specific wording that prevents you from jumping into any Class Action that you find (this has not always been the case, and the story of why can be an interesting read).

The following Verizon lawsuits are usually lawsuits against Verizon filed by a government entity (which have more legal options than consumers), long-running older lawsuits, or corporate disputes involving Verizon.

At Radvocate, we’re reinventing the Verizon lawsuit process. Verizon complaints are common, and many consumers often have the same questions regarding their legal rights with the company. Rather than going after an Verizon Class Action suit — which is usually not even possible — we’ll file a personalized legal document with the company, and guide you through the legal process.

3 – As an Verizon customer, what are my options for a lawsuit?

There a bunch of ways to make a claim against Verizon, including with the FCC or your credit card provider.

But your legal options typically involve one of two paths:

  • You can Sue Verizon in Small Claims Court, and be asked to attend a court hearing and pay legal fees.

  • Or, you can do everything from your home. Consumer Arbitration is the process laid out by Verizon’s contract in place of a lawsuit. It lets you argue your case before an independent arbitrator (like a judge) who can force them to fix the problem and to compensate you. We at Radvocate help make this process easy and convenient. Find out how

4 – Nine Recent and Notable Verizon lawsuits:

Verizon Lawsuit over Throttling First Responders

Verizon was sued last year when they were accused of throttling internet speeds for firefighters who were taking on the San Jose fires in California, per NBC Bay Area: (Source)

San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo said Thursday that the city will join a lawsuit filed Monday against the Federal Communications Commission by Santa Clara County, its fire department and over two dozen other parties supporting net neutrality after Verizon allegedly cut internet speeds for firefighters battling the Mendocino Complex fire.

Verizon apologized in a statement Friday, saying:

"First responders put themselves on the line each and every day. And every day, we are eternally grateful for their bravery and efforts.

In supporting first responders in the Mendocino fire, we didn’t live up to our own promise of service and performance excellence when our process failed some first responders on the line, battling a massive California wildfire. For that, we are truly sorry. And we’re making every effort to ensure that it never happens again.”

Verizon Lawsuit in Pennsylvania

Customers aren’t the only ones who choose to file lawsuits against Verizon. Per, one California employee of Verizon is suing the company over misleading them about working hours:: (Source)

Verizon is facing a lawsuit from the Pennsylvania attorney general, after customers accused the company of failing to let them redeem a promotional offer for a free Amazon Echo.

According to the suit, which was brought against the company this week by Attorney General Josh Shapiro, the company offered prospective customers a free Echo, and in some cases an Amazon Prime membership, if they signed up for a two-year contract.

Verizon sent an email to customers where they could redeem the offer after signing into a Verizon account, but after logging in, they weren’t redirected to a site where they could then claim the promotion, according to the complaint.

Verizon Lawsuit from Employee in California

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