How To Hack Comcast Customer Service

Use these three tricks to skip the wait time and reach someone who can help you:


1. email comcast's "executive support" office.

Want to skip all of the nonsense and get your claim escalated immediately? Go straight to the source. Comcast's "Executive Support" office deals with issues that have been escalated from its normal customer service lines. You can reach them directly by emailing:


2. try Comcast's secret vip customer service number.

Like most companies, Comcast has a special customer service department just for wealthy and famous customers. There's usually no wait time, and the agents are specially trained to be helpful and expedite your issue. The current VIP number is:

(866) 671-5645


3. contact comcast's executive offices.

You can sometimes get a problem resolved by calling or emailing Comcast's CEO or General Counsel at the contact info listed below. While you won't ever speak to the CEO or GC, his or her personal assistant will often transfer you to an escalated customer service process. But beware, some customers have reported hostile and aggressive responses from Comcast when they try this out:

Call: (215) 286-1700
Ask for the CEO's office or General Counsel's office


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