Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ is intended for companies that received notices of dispute from radvocate.

  1. What is radvocate? 
    Radvocate is a tool that helps your customers make use of consumer arbitration, your company's preferred dispute resolution process. By standardizing and automating the process set out in your customer agreement, and by providing you with tools to manage and interact with your claimants, radvocate streamlines your dispute resolution process.
  2. Do I need to use the radvocate platform to interact with my claimants?
    Yes - the claimants that file through the radvocate platform are required to interact with your company solely through the radvocate platform. In addition, the radvocate platform automatically files a consumer arbitration on behalf of the claimant unless the platform registers negotiations.
  3. How do I resolve disputes over the radvocate platform?
    You can resolve a dispute by locating that dispute on your dashboard, selecting "upload settlement offer", and uploading a settlement agreement that meets the basic conditions described in the demand letter. When uploading the settlement offer, you will also be required to enter the contact information of the person in your company who will manage the claim. Your claimant will then be notified of the settlement offer and prompted to review it. He or she will be able to accept the offer, in which case the radvocate platform will facilitate its execution and delivery, or reply with a counter-offer. If no settlement offer is received by the deadline noted in your notice of dispute, then the radvocate platform will automatically file a demand for arbitration with the American Arbitration Association to allow the dispute to be arbitrated. In addition, if no satisfactory settlement is reached by the deadline note in your notice of dispute, the Claimant will be able to initiate the filing of a demand for arbitration through the radvocate platform. 
  4. What if a claim is incorrect or fraudulent?
    If a claim is materially incorrect or fraudulent, you can notify us using the "flag as inaccurate" option on your dashboard. We try hard to filter out all inaccurate claims before submitting them to you, but if an inaccurate claim makes it through our filters we are committed to identifying and removing it from the platform. Any claim flagged as inaccurate will be verified with the Claimant, who will have to certify that the claim is correct in all material respects. If the Claimant cannot be reached or will not certify the claim, the claim will be immediately removed from the radvocate platform. If the Claimant certifies the claim, then the flag will be removed.
  5. Is radvocate representing the Claimants?
    No - radvocate is a technology platform that automates the dispute resolution process set out in your customer agreement. Radvocate makes it easy for your customers to use your company's preferred dispute resolution process and venue, and easy for you to manage those disputes, by automating administrative elements and providing a simple and intuitive negotiation platform. 
  6. What are the requirements for a settlement offer submitted to radvocate?
    Settlement offers submitted to radvocate must include a monetary award, and 30% of that monetary award must be payable by check to:

    Radvocate Inc.
    2323 Broadway
    Oakland, CA 94609