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I had a safety concern, that was not in my opinion addressed. I requested a cancellation under Article 544 under their 'General Refund Policy' and in particular used the statute regarding safety. I was ignored. I was charged for a long-term cancellation regardless by AirBnb which amounted to paying over 1,000 USD. I did not stay one single night in the accommodation due to my safety concerns.

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Refund the full amount of the amount initially charged. Send me an apology for misleading me. Ensure that when a customer does bring a safety concern to your attention whether you consider it a valid concern or not you should seek to address the concern not yield to the owner/AirBnb contract which has an inherent towards the owner of the property being correct in disputes or areas of concern related to safety. Safety and bias cannot go hand in hand, otherwise, bad things can happen.

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