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January 30th 2018 I began service with Sprint looking forward to the features that it offered.

It wasn’t until November 2018 that I noticed that I could no longer take a call and access the internet.

I called Sprint January 2019 ( it took me a while because of how busy I was) to resolve the issue. It was never made known to me that Sprint does not cover VOIP at that time. Sprint issued a $20 credit and After some fiddling with settings on my end and theirs it worked again for a couple months and the stopped.

Again, being busy it took me until May to call for a fix again. Sprint issued a $50 credit and after talking with 5 different representative they concluded that my phone qualifies for calling and internet use at the same time on their network but my area does not. Sprints escalation department rep said she experienced the same variable service in her state of Nevada but that Nevada isn’t one of the covered states. She refused to release me from the contract without being charged a penalty claiming I was receiving service. They also refused further compensation and put me through to tech support to see if they could resolve the issue. Tech support was unable to resolve my issue. He advised me to use What’s app to use VOIP calling as a work around. I said that was a janky fix and the technician laughed in agreement .

I let them know that the service was incomplete and that I was misled that I would have VIOP in January when the service failed. I asked them to release me from the contract and compensate me for damages. I use VIOP for my business and this has caused losses to my business and reputation in my business to have faulty communications.

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem? (optional)
Release me from the contract without any further obligation and let me keep the phone.

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