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Basically does happen around the time when you buy one cell phone you get 1 free. And also there was 1 plan 50% off. Just moved from Florida was in Trumbull more Connecticut with my wife and the sales rep told me he can get me the phone at 50% off. Which that was a lie cause 3 months later I in the pain full price for the phone I called in every month China's complain about the situation Sprint did not handle way. I am so sorry sales rep should I be doing this to consumers. I wanna go after them so they stop doing is to customers please. I fire or something with the BBB in Sprint contacted me and I still didn't help me out with the situation and I'm still owing full price for the cell phone. And if I were to pay full price for the cellphone at that time finish it gave me buy 1 get 1 free which did not never happen either. This happen in Trumbull more Connecticut.

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The company did not not do nothing to fix this they still charge me full price for the cell phone. I have witnesses and also the other people there were working there it was just weird when I went there to pick up my cell phone they had me wait in they called in the sails were abducted the sale for me cause the other people know they legally cannot do that period so we need to subpoena everybody that was working there at that time period

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