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It is so unbelievable how they run their business, by scamming customers and omit important informations, in order to bond them and can get out of a contract that you never signed or agree to. They sell you something to a fake price, telling a bunch of lies and then when the bill comes is a total different story. I had so much hard time for the last 2 years, starting with Att cell phone bill discrepancies, overcharges, and the same thing happened with Direct tv, and U-Verse.

We want to cancel all the services, but we are not allowed to do so. We have had to dispute overcharges on all these services, and their inconsistency is so obvious. For the last 3 afternoons my son and I, have spent at least 2 hours on the phone trying to get things resolved, nothing concrete has happened. We get transferred by one agent or department after another, not only....we get to speak with agent in the philippines, and nothing gets resolved. You ask to speak with a supervisor, or a manager nothing can be done. Frustrations comes along the way, now you get concerned, how to be able to get the service done deleted, and you are stuck with hundreds of dollars that you do not own to any of them services, because you did not use them, enough long to have an amount of money you don't have, and possibly make your credit bad, because they decide that is our destiny? I do not and we will not pay a dime extra to any of these crooks! My son will have his good credit screwed only because they are overcharging us, and we were not aware this was going to be as it is now!

I will fight this wrong doing from all the services we did not agreed, and by law. What and the way you running business it's a total scam, one day I am sure you are gonna not longer exist ATT AT&t U-Verse and direct TV. You are just a bunch of crooks!

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