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On April the 8th I was getting AT&T internet and cable installed in my home. I person arrived during the tech was their claiming to be AT&T customer service to check on the tech. Eventually I realized he was a sales person and he convinced us to switch from Tmobile to AT&T. He gave many promises that turned out to be a lie. And after he left without giving us any type of receipt or summary of our new services i got suspicious and called in to AT&T the next day April 9 2019. This is when i found out many things he promised was a lie.

What was promised and said we had:

1. Promised: Unlimited & More Premium Plan $190 for $150

What we got: 9gb Share Plan

2. Promised: Iphone 8 for free, iPhone 8 plus for free, iPhone xs plus $700 off

What we got: Iphone 8 50% Off, iPhone 8 plus for free, iPhone xs plus Full Price no rebate or gift card.

(We were told by the in home sales person that we didn’t need to trade in any phones to get the $700 off only to Port in our lines from tmobile. This was confirmed be many phone representatives for weeks until our case was closed and rejected then we were told that we wouldn’t be getting the $700 either)

On aril 9th att advanced technical support and told them what happened and them confirmed that I had the wrong plan and the plan that i wanted would cost around $90 more and My phone wasn’t free. They told me they contacted the in home sales guys manager and he would be contacting me in 1 hour to clear this all up. Hours later the manager never called and when i spoke with the phone rep again he tried calling the manager while i was on the phone multiple times and he never answered. so he decided to create a case for me ( case # cm2019*************) and said not only will the in home sales rep be disciplined but “ I will get everything i was promised” the case was escalated and i would get an answer in 24 to 48 hours. I wanted to just cancel everything within the 14 day buyers remorse window and get my money back but he was very sure that this would work out in my favor. So i trusted him and figured i have lots of time to cancel even after if the decision was not good. Well every time i called back in 48 hours they would tell me that its not resolved and it would take another 24 to 48 hours. I was constantly reassured that this department was serious and they will most likely give me everything that was promised. Well that turned into 3 weeks and I was so confident that i was getting what i was promised that when they told me 3 weeks later my claim was denied and i could cancel my service without penalty because it was a week pass the buyer remorse period i was furious! Come to find out also the $700 everyone confirmed i now wasn’t getting because i didn’t trade in my phones. Also when i called back to get info to build my case for small claims court i was told the case was actually closed and denied on April 22nd the last day for me to cancel my service without penalty. No one had called me like promised when a decision was made , i called twice after the decision was made but was not told it was until i called on the 29th of April.

I want out of this contract without penalty. I also want to repaid for my time and stress this put me through. I also want money to buy the phones i was promised. Would like to know what you can do for me before i consider going to small claims court. thank you

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