DirecTV Complaint

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DirectTv wireless servers never worked in the house once installed. After three different service tech were dispatched they were unable to fix it.

After spending multiple hours on the phone they agreed to cancel the account and waive the cancellation fee.

A month later we are being charged a 400$ cancellation fee. Multiple phone calls of customer service agents promising to remedy the situation ends up with being placed on hold for hours or just transferred to someone new to begin explaining the problem again over.

It is an absolute scam and racket. We have directTV three chances to make the satellite tv service work and each time it did not.

I am going to be taking legal action against this company, even if legal bills exceed the 400$ we are being unjustly charged.

I have been a customer of direct tv for many years and have always recommended it to other people. I cannot believe the stunts they are currently pulling. My support of this company will cease immediately.

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