Metro by T-Mobile Complaint

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I had service with metro PCS since 2018. I called to pay my bill on May 2, 2019. The representative took my payment and in May 7th my phone was disconnected without any warning. I called metro PCS back to find out why my phone was disconnected after speaking with 4 representatives. I was told that the phone was disconnected due to most of my call's being made and received on other Carrier networks. I was never aware of this nor was it something that I could control. I have went and got a new phone company but my problem is that the phone number that I have had for 11 years can not be retrieved. The reason why I can't get my number (***) ***-**00 back is because metro did not give me any notice that I needed to switch carriers before they disconnected my phone so my new phone company cannot port the number over. This is a business line and I need this phone number so I need you guys to do whatever you need to do in order to get my phone number back open so that I can transfer it to my new phone company ASAP. This is affecting my business in a major way.

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