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Verizon offered $100 credit for each new line I transfer from AT&T or a brand new line I open with them plus $100 credit for each new phone I buy from them and will take care of the balance what left with AT&T ... only I have to wait for 2-3 billing cycles to money credted to my account ...

it was very good offer and I was transferred my 14 lines from AT&T completely switched to Verizon

but a bit later I received 7 emails from Verizon saying that they cancel $100 credit for 7 lines and no one handled anything with AT&T so I hot a bill over $5000 to pay ...

I was asked why it is happen like that and Verizon gave me the answer that my lines was changed but I didn't made anything to it and also that about the transfer situation with AT&T balance they don't have a clue

so I complained about and Verizon management offered me Gear VR as reimbursement for each line Verizon didn't paid promiced $100 and asked me to wait another 3 months before I will receive it

... never happened and while this waiting the store management was changed several times

plus I had several other issues when another promotional credits was promiced and I paid off my equipment earlier to make same lines qualified and purchased another new phones ...

total more than 50 in last couple years

also I was requested Verizon to block all my lines except 1 from international service and Verizon was confirmed that it is done

but even every month I repeatedly asking to do it some lines got charged international service fees

and one time Verizon was upgrading my line giving new phone in the store located in another city to some strangers without checking their IDs violating my strict request and notes on my account that only me able to access my account and only with special password pin

plus Verizon charged my account for some accessories I didn't bought and also claimed from me several taxes which I paid previously ...

I filed another complaint with their department and Verizon issues some credits but later took it back

I asked FCC Consumer Complaint for help 2 times but in both Verizon said that they paid me and informed that they sent me their letter about claiming another promotional credits and credits for different issues as it related to unresolved one

as a result I borrowed $7000 and I paid off 9 libes out of 14 and closed it

some timeater I got several new offers from Verizon $150 for each new lines and $100 for each new phone

and I accepted it opened 5 new lines and bought 5 new phones

only thing that again Verizon sent only $500 credit and refused to take responsibility for another $750 they owe as well as previous $700

total just in this year I spent over 24 hours on the phone with Verizon and got no resolutions for demands

... the problem is that I have to stay with Verizon because of the coverage they have in the areas I working and I can't simply get rid of their wrong charges blended in thousands dollars bills

so I have every month spend hours on the phone in attempt to solve issues repeatedly Verizon bringing to me

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