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We need high speed internet, as we both work from home. We were moving into a new state, and would not even look at homes that didn't have high speed internet. Before we even made an offer on our home, we called xfinity to ensure there was service. Yes they said. Multiple times, both to us, as well as our real estate agent. We offered on the house, purchased it, and opened an Xfinity account before even moving in. We booked an appointment for the day after we moved in. The rep showed up and told us they don't service our address. There is internet in all the homes on the other side of our street, but not on our street. The issue was escalated to other departments, they put in a request for a "plant extension" etc etc. They told me 90 days, as they would have to figure out how to get the line across the street. I just called them, and they report the ticket has been closed, with "no resolution" as the end result. New ticket has been opened, "back to square one", per the call rep.
To add insult to injury, I keep getting postcards addressed to "current resident" at my address, asking why we haven't switched to fast internet yet.

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