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On March 1 /2019 I was looking to upgrade my phone and my sons phone as birthday gifts feb my birthday March my sons he wanted the newest iPhones I went into the corporate store in antelope valley a lady assisted me I told her I was looking to get the newest iPhone and the watch I showed her a pink custom made bracelet for the watch. She said I have just the color that will match the watch she came back with the box she opened the box and took out the phone I said no that’s a red phone it’s not pink at all. I asked do you have the rose gold color she said we have a gold that would go well with the bracelet it has a pinkish time to it I said ok let’s see it. She opened the box and handed me a gold phone I said this is gold there isn’t any pink at all so I said ok I’ll take it and the other phone also but I’ll come back for the watch later . I paid for the phones . Once I arrived Hime I told my son I got his phone and my phone he said I got the wrong versions . I went the next day to return the phones I told the sales lady I know the versions xr. Xs. And I’ll take both in white a guy sent her a air message , this guy told me to stick with sprint when I told him I was transferring over he was very rude on March 1 so she excused herself and she and the guy walked into the back room , she said I can’t sell you any phones , I said why what’s the reason she said to many boxes I said excuse me she said that’s what he said , I said I bought two phones yesterday one was opened but the other wasn’t because it was a gift . And I paid 45.00 restocking fee so I’m not sure what your talking about? She blurted our well I don’t know what’s going on he said something about too many boxes yesterday I said ok can you get the manager because this isn’t making any since. She went to get a man I asked could you tell me why I’m being denied to purchases phones , he said we opened too much inventory for you already I said I’m confused what do you mean he said didn’t you ask for a pink phone I said yes he said well she opened the box for you and it was pink I said no it was red the lady said after she opened it it was coral . He said what about the 2 nd one she opened I said she said it was gold and pinkish but it wasn’t pink he said well we’re not selling you any phones I was humiliated by Coustomers looking at me if I’d did something wrong. I said so I’m being penalized because she doesn’t know the color pink I said look at this bracelet he did I said it’s pink not red not gold pink I told her I wanted rose gold not off colors that’s not my fault he said like I said we aren’t selling you any phones I said I ported over from sprint what am I suppose to do now he said go back to sprint . I said can you give me your open too many boxes policy he said nope I said why not he said because I don’t have too. I said ok since you are the store manger and you’re denying me , can you write that you’re denying me to purchase phones here he said nope! He and the girl proceed to walk away I’m standing in the middle of the floor then he blurted order them through Coustomer service and shit the door . More eyes on me . He left me there without dialing the number once again I was humiliated . I stood 20 mins waiting for anyone to assist me or even for him or the lady to return they did not . I asked an associate could she call once she’s finished with her coustomer I waited another 29 or so minutes she was just about finished she dialed the number. A guy from coustomer service took the call. I explained to him the cold and unfair treatment that I was getting he apologized and assured me he’d fix everything . He said he knows how it feels to be discriminated against because he was biracial . So I asked do you have to run my credit ? Because it was ran on March 1 st he said I see that here he said no your still within 30 days. I told him exactly the two phones I wanted and the color I also told him about the watch as well. So he gave me a price and the phone plan for two phones monthly around 150 month. I said ok that’s fine. I asked now what would my plan look like a month if you were to add the watch he said I’ll have to put you on hold and do the math can you hold on I said yes. 7 mins later he say I’m sorry but you can’t get the watch I said why not he said I ran your credit and they put a red flag on it . I said get your manger now I did not ask you to run my credit he said that’s the only way to add the watch I said I asked you what the numbers would look like I never said I’d get it I just wanted to see how much more if I decided to add the watch please get your supervisor . A man name Walter got on the phone he asked me what’s the problem I told him my credit was ran without my permission I explained to this guy the harsh treatment I’m getting and now he lied stating he wasn’t going to run my credit and he did . He said did he read you a script I
Said no, he said , we listen to these tapes you know, I said play it back now because he did not read anything, he asked the guy did you read her the script he said No, he said oh man you are so fired dude you were suppose to read the script man your do fired , Mrs Thompson I’m so sorry I apologize due to the fact that he ran your credit it’s giving us a red flag if you wait 24 or 48 hrs you can go back to the store . I left and went to another corporate store to get the policy on opening too many boxes and to find out what’s going on my credit score *** that’s not the issue so what is it. Once at a different location it’s 850 pm I spoke with a supervisor told him everything he said that’s unheard of we don’t have a such policy let me call over there that’s not how at&t operate , he called they told him exactly what I did about the boxes he said you were right but this really made no sense do I had to get their version of the story he said that manger is acting on ego and status rather than coustomer service I said if I was a Caucasian lady and did not like the green phone because it didn’t match my purse do you think they’d deny her any phones? No I’m being discriminated against he said I checked there is a red flag it isn’t anything you’ve done wrong but your credit has been ran too many times in one day I said I’m not running my credit people are doing it against my consent . He said I’m going to call the corporate headquarters and make a complaint and the head guy will be calling you to remedy this . That was March 3 or 4 it’s may 7/19 no calls .
The next morning 3/5/19 I called coustomer care I asked to speak to a supervisor . A man name Taha from Tennessee said he was a supervisor I told him everything he said this sounds like discrimination he was not suppose to charge you a 45 restocking fee you were within tour 14 days to return the phone . And you weren’t suppose to pay for her opening the wrong color boxes he said I want you to go back there right now and I will handle this you will get your phones today I said I feel like I’ve been beat up or in a battle he said go there I want to talk to this supervisor this isn’t at& t standards I’m sorry your being treated this way. He said once you go there tell the associate to send me a Q message / and I will call the store. I went back the lady that was there snatch 2 nd who was going to help me but she did not. I said hi remember me from the other day she said yes, I said I spoke with a supervisor about the situation and he wants you or the manger to send him a Q message. She said loudly didn’t we tell you the other day we aren’t selling you any phones . I felt like a child being chastised now it was more eyes looking at me and one lady was my neighbor they made me feel like a criminal the way she was speaking and her tone she used. I kept my composure I said can you get the supervisor as she was headed back to get him she said why does this guy want us to call who is he anyway I said I was going to tell you until you blurted out that I couldn’t get phones so you’ll here me tell him, he came out he said your back again I said yes I spoke to a supervisor he wants you to send him a Q message he wants to talk to you, because he wants to clear this up so I can get my phone it’s been days now and I’m without a phone I don’t have a home phone I Gabe a business on my phone and I’m missing calls he said I’m not sending anyone a message as I told you before we aren’t selling you phones here very sternly . I said look your causing a scene people are looking you don’t have to talk so loud I’m not raising my voice , he said remember the other day when you were on the phone you were being loud , I said I was talking very low and calmly because before I got on the phone you were loud talking me and people were looking at me like I did something wrong, I said I did get expressive and ask the guy to put his supervisor on the line when he ran my credit unauthorized . I asked so your refusing to send a Q message he said pretty much I asked can you give me your business card he said yeah. I waited 30 minutes for him to come out with a card . I told him I’ll be filing a complaint about his rudeness and abrasive behavior he said that’s your opinion . Due to this unjust treatment it caused me so much anxiety and sleepless nights I was experiencing heavy heart palpitations on March 6 I awaken dizzy and confused by the night I was rushed to Er with a high level of stress and anxiety . Due to this discrimination I was forced to get phones from sprint along with the watch I should be happy but sprint phone service is garbage as well as their coustomer service I wanted to stay with att. This has damaged me to see racism this close and personal my 50 years of living .

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