Greystar Complaint

Greystar withheld deposit and is charging me for over $500 of damages that did not accrue. Based on my research, they can only charge me for excessive damage. I did not take photos when I left (I guess I didn’t think I would get screwed over like this); they are also charging for routine cleaning (I cleaned upon leaving) and carpet cleaning—I asked if those are routine, they said yes—seems like if it’s routine it would fall under “normal wear and tear” and not be my responsibility.

Avalon Complaint

I have only lived in the apartment for about six weeks. I have neighbors who make ridiculous amounts of noise. I have contacted management numerous times regarding the matter as well as had to call security a dozen times regarding this matter. Nothing has been resolved. Management has completely dropped the ball on this matter and I have had no peace and quiet since the moment I've moved in. I want the money that I paid and rent this far return to me as well as the money it's going to cost me to move to a new home. My right to quiet enjoyment has never been a right since the moment I arrived