Citibank Complaint

I signed up for a savings and checking account with Citibank for a $400 bonus and put down $15,000. They wanted copies of previous credit card statements, so I faxed them in. I called in to confirm that they had them and they said that they had them and would process them by April 22. I called them on April 25 and found out that rather than pay out the bonus, they closed my account.

Bank of America Complaint

My travel agency was scammed by an online hacker. We organized a group trip to the Philippines to stay at a resort called El Galleon in Puerto Galera. After several months communicating with El Galleon, the time came for me to make the final payment for the trip. At that point, a hacker intercepted my emails to El Galleon and was able to send me a fake invoice with a bank account that did not belong to El Galleon. As a result, I sent a payment of 13,846.96 via international wire transfer from my BofA account to the hacker's account. I however, was able to spot the scam several days before the hacker was able to withdraw the money. I then alerted BofA on time to stop the hacker, but because of gross incompetence from BofA's employees, he was able to withdraw part of it.

Wells Fargo Complaint

Fraudulent charges were made on my account. I was advised to create a new account but the old account was improperly handled and caused me an overdraft. I complained for months regarding it and got no assistance. 2 weeks ago I was told by the executive office that I had a zero balance and no longer would I receive offset fees this was not true because today more money was taken out of my account.