Financial Services

PayPal Complaint

Money back guarantee as a buyer.

I purchased an item online in Germany and since I had my suspicions about the authenticity of the product, a pair of Cartier sunglasses, I paid 165€ through PayPal goods and services for the peace of mind with money back guarantee.

The article turned out to be fake and I tried contacting the seller for about 2 days but didn't get a response. Only when I opened an inquiry with PayPal did he reach out. He accepted my return offer and so I had my address warehouse return it.

Mastercard Complaint

Since the 7th of May 2019, PayPal has been holding my funds of a total of $250 that I have still not received. On the 13th of May 2019, PayPal said my funds will be credited within 3-4 days due to a delay. On the 20th of May 2019, I received an income saying that an extra $900AUD on top of my $250AUD has been credited to due an error which also stated that I cannot receive my $250AUD until I refund back the remainder $900AUD but non of the funds have even been credited to my account yet.

Santander Complaint

I believe I was in a Usary car loan. I surrendered the vehicle voluntarily.
Starting Balance Dec 2015:$29,105
Ending Balance Dec 2018: $23,592
Only $5,512.63
Paid: $17,407

I'm open to financial compensation, but I'm simply asking for the final balance, which is now $12,989 (after they sold the car) to be Zero'd out on my Credit Reports.

PayPal Complaint

Dear Sir, I hope you have time to see my email. I am a victim of Internet fraud by Mr. Justin G******. I bought Tv LG Oled from him on April,10,19. He was expecting 900. but he did not want to pay a fee for eBay or PayPal. so he asked me if I can make payment through Apple pay or google pay or PayPal he will charge me 800 USD. I did try to method it did not work for me.

Experian Complaint

I'm in a perpetual Experian created problem that takes me hours to fix each time. I have been a victim of identity theft but having a credit freeze and fraud alert is a major handicap to just conducting daily business as a business owner. The two other agencies TransUnion and Equifax are simpler to fix, although it takes about an hour each time this happens, to fix the problem by going thru a series of questions to prove your identity. With Experian you CAN'T speak to a person. It us only an automated voice mail. If you day the word fraud or alert (to remove their mistake) you are told they have reinstated another freeze and will also notify the other agencies. So then the cycle starts all over.

Experian Complaint

I have an account that was opened in March of 2012 and 1st delinquency date is April of 2012. I Submitted a dispute based on statute of limitations being exceeded and they refuse to remove it from my report. Iwent through the same process with both Equifax and TransUnion and had no issues removing the account (Peak Acceptance) from my report. Not only has Experian refused to remove it from my report they now have the date to come off my bureau set at January of 2028. So 10 years on top of the statute of limitations...they are obviously on the side of the dispurser and have no regard for whom they are actually effecting.