Metro by T-Mobile Complaint

I had service with metro PCS since 2018. I called to pay my bill on May 2, 2019. The representative took my payment and in May 7th my phone was disconnected without any warning. I called metro PCS back to find out why my phone was disconnected after speaking with 4 representatives. I was told that the phone was disconnected due to most of my call's being made and received on other Carrier networks. I was never aware of this nor was it something that I could control.

MetroPCS / Metro by T-Mobile Complaint

I wasnt getting calls nor text, my phone was doing everything that a hacked phone does, in fact it appeared as if cloned. 5 times I went to metro pcs stores and the employees acted like I was an idiot. Like they had never heard of cloning nor hacking. I noticed files appearing called UNITYAd Rewards, Apk, MPK logger, photo cropper, hidden files and programs all over my phone.