Misleading offers by ads or sales reps

24 Hour Fitness Complaint

They refused to re-add my Son to our family plan after we stopped his usage for 1 month. Then forced another full contract for my Son. Then changed a letter in his last name and created another contract for my Son. Meaning 24 hour fitness charged my Son 3 full membership fees for 1 account. When they refused to stop charging us for 3 full accounts(They said we agreed to this) we stopped our bank from allowing them to charge our account, and started to pay our bill in cash.

LA Fitness Complaint

On 4/24/2019 Wednesday, I went to LA Fitness started a gym membership. Under the recommendation from the Alina and couple other staffs, they gave me a free personal training session (PTS). And talked me to sign up for their training program. All I wanted is a short trail, few training session her and there. I personally never into physical development, I never had any paid membership of any gym. After free personal training session, at Alina’s office, I mentioned and emphasized multiple times that I am not interested train myself into muscle guy or running marathon, I am only here to improve my health and enhance my immune system.

Sprint Complaint

Representatives gave wrong information and didn’t update payment showing our account paid in full for April 2019. Put us under a contract that we are to honor but they are not honoring their contract to us. Every time we speak to someone, information is not recorded on our account and different information is given.

American Home Shield Complaint

I initially put a claim in for my Kenmore refrigerator that stopped working in January 2019, they send a company out and they replaced some parts. Refrigerator worked for a few weeks and stopped working again, now over 3 months later and 5 different companies have gone out to look at it, still not working refrigerator.

Sprint Complaint

January 30th 2018 I began service with Sprint looking forward to the features that it offered.
It wasn’t until November 2018 that I noticed that I could no longer take a call and access the internet.
I called Sprint January 2019 ( it took me a while because of how busy I was) to resolve the issue. It was never made known to me that Sprint does not cover VOIP at that time. Sprint issued a $20 credit and After some fiddling with settings on my end and theirs it worked again for a couple months and the stopped.

Sprint Complaint

When signing up I was quoted 100$ a month for up to 5 lines We got 4 lines 3 out of the 4 there was issues with one the screen wasn’t working properly one the charger for it didn’t work and the other battery life is sort. I have been quoted 5 prices for my bill since starting with sprint and all 5 have been hire then what I was promised. Each department I have spoken to has told me the opposite of what the one before did . One department said they fixed my bill which price was still higher then what was promised and then was told that my bill was not fixed they can’t fix it etc

Sprint Complaint

The salestaff hustled me.
I didn't like the model of phone or Sprint service.
The service didn't work at my job location.
They wouldn't let me return phone in the 2 weeks I had to try it. I was told there was a $45 restocking fee which was never mentioned.

Boost Mobile Complaint

I bought my phone unlocked for 900.00 at Best Buy. My husband had an account at boost so I joined his account. I got horrible service and was not happy with any part of the service. So we switched to T-Mobile. Well T-Mobile said my phone was locked by boost. I paid cash for my iPhone XR. I called boost to unlock it and they told me no and that I have to have active service for 12 months.

Airbnb Complaint

they are refusing to pay me for a "perfected" check in reservation. they are violating their own caveat that spells up to a one million dollar host protection for all property owners that assures them all reservations honored will be paid out to home/property owner, they are refusing to pay me for a guest who never had any intention on checking in, that also already caused me previous month damages

Sprint Complaint

Just bought Samsung Smartwatch with LTE only to find out Sprint has not activated VoLTE nationally. I purchased it online with a data plan and not once did Sprint say voice, data, text would not work. Even at the store when I picked up my watch, the sales consultant didn't inform me of the lack of VoLTE in my area. I even asked her for my new phone number, which she gave to me. There is no information on when VoLTE will be available. I already have a smartwatch (Samsung Gear Sport) that connects through bluetooth. I didn't need a second one with similar functions as my other smartwatch. I wanted it for phone calls, text, and data without having to bring my phone with everywhere with me. I've been with Sprint since 2011 and overall been a satisfied customer.