Product wasn't what I was promised

24 Hour Fitness Complaint

They refused to re-add my Son to our family plan after we stopped his usage for 1 month. Then forced another full contract for my Son. Then changed a letter in his last name and created another contract for my Son. Meaning 24 hour fitness charged my Son 3 full membership fees for 1 account. When they refused to stop charging us for 3 full accounts(They said we agreed to this) we stopped our bank from allowing them to charge our account, and started to pay our bill in cash.

Boost Mobile Complaint

I have had boost mobile for my second time around now the first time being for four + years from approximately 2009 - 2014 and during that whol period i experienced countless dropped and interrupted phone calls from either bad service and/or at many times no service at all leaving me having to data as well. Now im on my second stint with boost this time for nearly 6 months and even after the last 5 years of being gone from boost the coverage and service hasnt changed one bit. I honesly dont understand how this business stays alive. Sometimes you dont even get what we pay for or good service as boosts mistakedly claims.

AirBnb Complaint

On Sunday the 12th my wife and I were forced to leave our home because of a domestic disturbance of a family member. We were able to stay with some friends on the short notice. The next morning we attempted to book through AirBnB's services for a 2 week stay so that we could have some time to look for a new place to live, based on reviews from friends and family and AirBnB's website advertising their reliability, customer service and fraud protection because we were very short on funds.

LA Fitness Complaint

On 4/24/2019 Wednesday, I went to LA Fitness started a gym membership. Under the recommendation from the Alina and couple other staffs, they gave me a free personal training session (PTS). And talked me to sign up for their training program. All I wanted is a short trail, few training session her and there. I personally never into physical development, I never had any paid membership of any gym. After free personal training session, at Alina’s office, I mentioned and emphasized multiple times that I am not interested train myself into muscle guy or running marathon, I am only here to improve my health and enhance my immune system.

American Airlines Complaint

They didn't allow me on flight to London claiming I was late arriving.. I was stranded In Chicago and lost all the money I spent on the ticket as well as non-refundable hotel rooms. The friend I was traveling to London with got stuck in London alone. I also had to pay my own way home to Minneapolis from Chicago. They clearly stated they had empty seats on the next flight to London but wouldn't let me board unless I purchased a full new ticket I couldn't afford.

Santander Complaint

I believe I was in a Usary car loan. I surrendered the vehicle voluntarily.
Starting Balance Dec 2015:$29,105
Ending Balance Dec 2018: $23,592
Only $5,512.63
Paid: $17,407

I'm open to financial compensation, but I'm simply asking for the final balance, which is now $12,989 (after they sold the car) to be Zero'd out on my Credit Reports.

Airbnb Complaint

I checked into a place with excessive mold, a broken bed, broken window blinds, which afforded no privacy and sustained personal injury in the unit. I reported this to the host. He failed to do anything. I begged AirBNB to let me move out (48 day rental) they told me they would help and I should leave because I was sick. (I have extensive documentation of everything) . They then told me to rebook another place, which I did. Fiinally, they canceled (without my consent) the old reservation and charged me for 38 unused days.

Sprint Complaint

I am a valid customer since 2014 and I never got the service I want , every month i pay my bill and I don’t get what I want I have NO coverage when i go out of my city , I can’t reach my husband while he at work, last weekend we paid my husband phone off and we canceled the lease on his phone and the advisor promised to us that my husband phone will be unlocked within 24-72 hours

Sprint Complaint

January 30th 2018 I began service with Sprint looking forward to the features that it offered.
It wasn’t until November 2018 that I noticed that I could no longer take a call and access the internet.
I called Sprint January 2019 ( it took me a while because of how busy I was) to resolve the issue. It was never made known to me that Sprint does not cover VOIP at that time. Sprint issued a $20 credit and After some fiddling with settings on my end and theirs it worked again for a couple months and the stopped.

Sprint Complaint

When signing up I was quoted 100$ a month for up to 5 lines We got 4 lines 3 out of the 4 there was issues with one the screen wasn’t working properly one the charger for it didn’t work and the other battery life is sort. I have been quoted 5 prices for my bill since starting with sprint and all 5 have been hire then what I was promised. Each department I have spoken to has told me the opposite of what the one before did . One department said they fixed my bill which price was still higher then what was promised and then was told that my bill was not fixed they can’t fix it etc

Airbnb Complaint

I rented a 2 Bd-2 Bth Condo in Las Vegas (4/24-29/19) for $1086.00 through Airbnb. The host owners name is Peter. First, just pulling up to Peter’s unit in the farrr back of the complex and not the same building in his advertised pictures is misleading and misrepresenting. Up the unmentioned 16 flight of stairs and no elevator for the disabled or handicapped, we entered the unit and “Immediately” found it UNSANITARY, the stench of stale water and filthy, dirty towels on the floor and a balcony chair.

Sprint Complaint

The salestaff hustled me.
I didn't like the model of phone or Sprint service.
The service didn't work at my job location.
They wouldn't let me return phone in the 2 weeks I had to try it. I was told there was a $45 restocking fee which was never mentioned.

Sprint Complaint

I have very bad cell service on both of my devices. I have call and spoken with several Sprint representatives and have been told they don't guarantee service everywhere and the only way to cancel my service to to buy out the remainder of my lease. this is a problem for me since i am now stuck paying for a product that does not work as pitched.

Sprint Complaint

I had my family and I on a phone contract.
And in the beginning the service was acceptable.
But it got so bad our phones wouldn't make calls in or out and missed text messages and messages wouldn't send.
Everywhere we went.
And my husband was getting paid from his company for his part of the phone bill.
And his company was getting upset not being able to get ahold of him.