Rental Cars

MEX and Allianz insurance Complaint

I miss my fly, then I try to cancel my rental or change the pickup day, the website didn't allow me so I call the costumer service 3 times the first I was on hold for a hour the 2nd for almost 3 hour the 3rd for almost 2, the costumer service never answered I lose the rental money and the insurance also, the next day I took other flight, when I arrived to Guadalajara airport I contacted the company and try to talk to the supervisor or manager and they never took my call.

Getaround Complaint

Everytime I get in a car there is never any gas in the Vehicle so therefore I have to spend more money to fill up the gas for a vehicle I didn’t use additional the car has a very strong odor smells toxic I told them they keep telling me there’s nothing they can do not only do I feel like I’m getting sick but even customers riding in the vehicle with me I’ll still have complain

Hertz Rent-A-Car Complaint

After paying $574 including $200 deposit fee. I was also charged additional $114. But Let me start from the beginning. I mistakenly assumed that my rental was suppose to be returned on 05-21-19 but I found out from a hertz manager that if I do not return the rental on 05-20-19, $12 late fee will be taken out of my $200 deposit. But less then 24 hours I was charged $114, at first I thought it was normal until hertz tried taking additional $230 the day after. Their return policy states

Budget Car Rental Complaint

Over charge me 921 saying I didn't turn the car in until 9 days later, when I actually turned the car in early , it was due Apr5 I turned in Apr4 after hours, I dropped my key and took a video recording of the car in the terminal and went home, I called budget a about five days later to see why they haven't taken the money out of my account, they never mentioned not receiving the car yet, about three weeks later I check my account and see they charged 1300 dollars 921 dollars more than they should

Enterprise Rent-A-Car Complaint

Rented a 2019 ford 150 had it for less then 2 days engine car overheated and broke down had full coverage on vehicle ( this vehicle is also on recall for same issue learned that after it broke down) we were told to contact roadside. Because we broke down on turnpike we were told to call state police so vehicle could be towed because the turnpike is a private highway. Enterprise reps told us pay the tow company and they would refund the money $225 dollars.

Hertz Rent-A-Car Complaint

I am presently driving for Lyft and was granted a car through Hertz rental. The car I was given was unsafe to drive and smelled like urine ( I was told, my sense of smell is not good). I tried several times to call the hertz people at Pepboys in Huntington Beach to no avail. I returned the car to the SNA airport location as they were closed on the weekend when I had am incident early Saturday morning. I lost wages over the weekend as the car I was excjanged was not eligible for Lyft. I am being given a very difficult time of trying to rectify the situation and am currently losing miney by not driving.