Unauthorized robocalls

PayPal Complaint

Dear Sir, I hope you have time to see my email. I am a victim of Internet fraud by Mr. Justin G******. I bought Tv LG Oled from him on April,10,19. He was expecting 900. but he did not want to pay a fee for eBay or PayPal. so he asked me if I can make payment through Apple pay or google pay or PayPal he will charge me 800 USD. I did try to method it did not work for me.

Sprint Complaint

Just bought Samsung Smartwatch with LTE only to find out Sprint has not activated VoLTE nationally. I purchased it online with a data plan and not once did Sprint say voice, data, text would not work. Even at the store when I picked up my watch, the sales consultant didn't inform me of the lack of VoLTE in my area. I even asked her for my new phone number, which she gave to me. There is no information on when VoLTE will be available. I already have a smartwatch (Samsung Gear Sport) that connects through bluetooth. I didn't need a second one with similar functions as my other smartwatch. I wanted it for phone calls, text, and data without having to bring my phone with everywhere with me. I've been with Sprint since 2011 and overall been a satisfied customer.

Windstream Complaint

March 25th 2019, I contacted windstream at 7:22pm in regards to why my speed is 10mps and why i'm paying 90 dollars a month for internet when i should be paying 60 dollars. Now they have been doing this for years. They have also made a lot of false statements saying that we have faster speeds in my area when all I can find is their internet company with only 10mps. Now they have been doing this in rural areas for years. Why should I have to pay 90 dollars for slower internet while people in the city have to pay 70 dollars for speeds triple my speed. I also have a recording of customer service representative lying as well. Then she put me on hold after I asked her not to.