AT&T Wireless Complaint

I bought a new phone (iphone 7) but it was defective. I could not hear when people would call me. I went on the chat and requested another phone. I specifically asked, is this a new phone sealed? the rep online said yes, brand new sealed from the manufacturer, I guarantee you. I finally got the replacement phone and it was not new. It was a re manufactured phone. I spoke with another rep and they said indeed the rep gave me bad information and they would escalate the issue to their higher ups in regards to him. I on the other hand, have missed two interviews because now I don't have a phone and possibly lost a really good job opportunity.

MetroPCS / Metro by T-Mobile Complaint

Metro PCS policy is preventing me from using my phone which is my property that is entirely paid off. They will not unlock my phone and I do not get service where I need it. They say I have to wait 180 days after I pay for the phone to unlock it... Can anything be done? I've wasted money on new service and a Sim card on this phone and I can't even use it. Please help.

AT&T Wireless Complaint

You guys already handled a dispute for me against ATT and I feel like they are retaliating against me. My bill is paid every month by an accountant and it shows that my bill was paid in April, yet my bill is showing that I owe $174.00 for this month's bill. There could be phishing involved, but ATT should be able to control that with all the things that I have provided them with. Almost 2 years, paying an average of $250-300.00 a month, I expect better from a billion dollar company.

AT&T Wireless Complaint

I have been called a fraud as well as discriminated against without reason because of the color of my skin and because I walk into AT&T and try to get approved but didn’t as well as I would go in with my girlfriend who had an account and they assumed I was an active account memeber and told me my documents were not valued and meant nothing I went in with my social security card original as well as proof address my California ID bill of pay as well as debt cards mail and bank statements and they denied me several times.

MetroPCS / Metro by T-Mobile Complaint

I had problems if unlimited data service numbers of times, paid prorated fees and had them cancelled I paid more bills than months I was there, I reported a factory defect in my phone with customer service and retail store, had my Amazon cancelled once for no apparent reason and once without my authorized consent, when ask about going 4 days without service at all I was told the towers were down and my fiance and daughter had metro also and their service was great in same place

Verizon Wireless Complaint

I got an android phone from verizon signed up for insurance and the phone never worked properly after over 20 visits to the corporate store they agreed to replace my phone, I had just changed to the new phone and both phones were on my desk and I got robbed in 2014 and both phones were stolen along with my wallet. I filed a claim but they required a credit card to pay the $99 fee to replace the phone only the active phone was covered I the found the phone without the sim card in my driveway.

PayPal Complaint

Money back guarantee as a buyer.

I purchased an item online in Germany and since I had my suspicions about the authenticity of the product, a pair of Cartier sunglasses, I paid 165€ through PayPal goods and services for the peace of mind with money back guarantee.

The article turned out to be fake and I tried contacting the seller for about 2 days but didn't get a response. Only when I opened an inquiry with PayPal did he reach out. He accepted my return offer and so I had my address warehouse return it.

Cricket Wireless Complaint

I bought a cricket phone on November 25 2018 and i paid phone in full through progressive leasing. On march 14 i was schedule by cricket wireless to take my iphone xs max to apple care because it was having multiple issues. That cricket customer support could not help with. Long story short my iphone xs max had to be replaced due to device hardware issues. This is where the issue lies. Cricket does not want to unlock my phone because they said when i had defective device replaced it started the clock over again on time on term.

American Home Shield Complaint

Saturday may 25th 2019 we called home shield as our air conditioner was not running properly. The fan would stop and no air, work then not. I live in orange city fl and temps today were 94 and will be higher through labor day. So we called they said they could not send anyone to fix as its saturday on a holiday weekend unless the temps were 105 degrees. I am 62 disabled my husband is 68 and we told them this. To bad it has to be 105 for an emergency call. We got it in case something happened. It did and now they will not come.

AT&T Wireless Complaint

I recently took a cruise vacation. Upon the ship's departure out to sea, I received a text message from AT&T asking if I'd like to add the cruise pkg (for an extra $100) to my wireless account so that I could continue to use my wireless service without incurring further fees. At no point when I added that plan/pkg did it mention there was a 200MB data usage limit, therefore I assumed it was unlimited. A few days into the cruise I then suddenly received another text from AT&T saying that I've already gone over $100 the data usage limit and that my service was endanger of being terminated.

DirecTV Complaint

We enrolled in Direct TV service as of 06/2015 by phone. We where supposed to get a monthly price for 29.99 for the first year. We were supposed to get three units for three rooms. We only got two. Direct TV never rectified the situation. Furthermore they kep increasing the monthly rate (within a year) and we had to keep calling to inquire about the increasing fees. It would take up to 4 hrs each call, sometimes we had to give up after a couple hrs on hold because that's how long they would have customers waiting.