Won't let me cancel

ADT Complaint

I signed contract on 04/10/2019 on 04/11/2019 I sent cancellation request. ADT Called me and negotiated with me to lower the bill and send me visa cards $500 which none happend. On 05/22/2019 I signed new contract with ADT and on 05/23/2019 I sent cancellation request to ADT. Till now the keep charging my account and they refusing to cancel the service I called them 10s times.

Vivint Complaint

I have had 2 vehicle break ins in the time that I have had Vivint. The cameras do not catch it and since I have had this service it has never worked the way they sold us on, any time we call with a concern they try selling us more equipment which is there way of keeping you in a buy out contract. I do not have $1400.00 to buy out equipment that I do not want due to its lack of reliability. Sadly the first robbery was the cause of me losing my job due to the fact that it was a company vehicle that got broken into (that was in my cameras view)

MEX and Allianz insurance Complaint

I miss my fly, then I try to cancel my rental or change the pickup day, the website didn't allow me so I call the costumer service 3 times the first I was on hold for a hour the 2nd for almost 3 hour the 3rd for almost 2, the costumer service never answered I lose the rental money and the insurance also, the next day I took other flight, when I arrived to Guadalajara airport I contacted the company and try to talk to the supervisor or manager and they never took my call.

Airbnb Complaint

I had a safety concern, that was not in my opinion addressed. I requested a cancellation under Article 544 under their 'General Refund Policy' and in particular used the statute regarding safety. I was ignored. I was charged for a long-term cancellation regardless by AirBnb which amounted to paying over 1,000 USD. I did not stay one single night in the accommodation due to my safety concerns.

Sprint Complaint

Prolonged action, wrong changes, insurance doesn't work, customer service plays you in circles, charged for a line that sprint confirmed was shut off, haven't gotten a refund, false advertisements on new account buy one get one free, random charges not explained, inflated prices..... I got a nearly $300 bill and the second line is still on, I had to cancel a number that I had for 5 years because I couldn't get the phone repaired with the insurance I paid for, total not what was explained. much more.

Sprint Complaint

I upgraded from iPhone 7 to iPhone max on October 5th and it’s taken them up until now and 5 iPhone Max’s later to admit on a recorded line that the LTE isn’t compatible w/their network as well as admitting in writing via email that I’m paying for unlimited LTE data but they toggle w/it reduced the speed to nothing as if it’s not already slow.

24 Hour Fitness Complaint

They refused to re-add my Son to our family plan after we stopped his usage for 1 month. Then forced another full contract for my Son. Then changed a letter in his last name and created another contract for my Son. Meaning 24 hour fitness charged my Son 3 full membership fees for 1 account. When they refused to stop charging us for 3 full accounts(They said we agreed to this) we stopped our bank from allowing them to charge our account, and started to pay our bill in cash.

AirBnb Complaint

On Sunday the 12th my wife and I were forced to leave our home because of a domestic disturbance of a family member. We were able to stay with some friends on the short notice. The next morning we attempted to book through AirBnB's services for a 2 week stay so that we could have some time to look for a new place to live, based on reviews from friends and family and AirBnB's website advertising their reliability, customer service and fraud protection because we were very short on funds.

LA Fitness Complaint

On 4/24/2019 Wednesday, I went to LA Fitness started a gym membership. Under the recommendation from the Alina and couple other staffs, they gave me a free personal training session (PTS). And talked me to sign up for their training program. All I wanted is a short trail, few training session her and there. I personally never into physical development, I never had any paid membership of any gym. After free personal training session, at Alina’s office, I mentioned and emphasized multiple times that I am not interested train myself into muscle guy or running marathon, I am only here to improve my health and enhance my immune system.

American Airlines Complaint

They didn't allow me on flight to London claiming I was late arriving.. I was stranded In Chicago and lost all the money I spent on the ticket as well as non-refundable hotel rooms. The friend I was traveling to London with got stuck in London alone. I also had to pay my own way home to Minneapolis from Chicago. They clearly stated they had empty seats on the next flight to London but wouldn't let me board unless I purchased a full new ticket I couldn't afford.

LA Fitness Complaint

I came to LA Fitness to sign up for my monthly membership. Christian the guy who showed me around asked if I want to try Personal Training, as it was my first time at the gym I said yes, that way I can learn what am I suppose to do. Without explaining anything he sign me up for this program I found out afterwards. Didn’t say it’s a contract or if I want to quit I’d have to pay a lot of money. Plus my English is not great, I think he took advantage of it too!

Sprint Complaint

The salestaff hustled me.
I didn't like the model of phone or Sprint service.
The service didn't work at my job location.
They wouldn't let me return phone in the 2 weeks I had to try it. I was told there was a $45 restocking fee which was never mentioned.