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AT&T isn’t known for its customer service. But some mistreated customers, instead of getting frustrated, are getting refunds and cash settlements.

The key is a little known contract clause called Consumer Arbitration. When you signed your service agreement with AT&T, or with their affiliate DirecTV, you signed away your right to join a larger group of customers and sue them in court.

What you do have is a right for an independent expert to review your claim and determine compensation. This process is called consumer arbitration, and Radvocate specializes in the process of compiling and submitting your claim. Best part, we only get paid if you win!

Not an AT&T customer? Submit a claim against Comcast or DirecTV, or let us know which company your complaint is with...

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Do YOU want JUSTICE from AT&T

Radvocate specializes in helping customers get paid back. We’ll take your basic information and submit your documents.

It’s free to file*, and it gets companies to listen!

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*Radvocate claims a commission on successful claims. Some customers may choose to pay a flat fee up front.

(Image credit: Lonnie Tague for US Dept of Justice)