Comcast Employee: Here's Why Your Complaints Don't Get Solved

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A recent post on Reddit caught our eye because it helps explain why so many Comcast customers have complaints in the first place. It turns out Comcast customer service isn’t really trying to solve our problems…

I work for Comcast. When dealing with an existing customer, I am under no condition allowed to save them money. Even if they're inquiring about a promotional offer. If I'm unable to raise their bill, then I am to find a reason to terminate the transaction.

So let's say we're offering a promotion to get cable, internet, and phone service for $89.99/month. (Just throwing out random number because I don't have my offer grid in front of me). If the customer is currently paying more than the promotional offer, I either have to get them to buy additional services or rent unnecessary equipment, or find a reason to terminate the sale.

They also have a trick where we cold call customers who are receiving promotional pricing and offer them a free trial on some new service. The fine print in the free trial is it will knock them out of promotional pricing. So they got a free week of HBO or some s**t but next month their bill will be much higher than normal.

-Reddit User Son-Wukonda

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