"The Meanest Company in America"? Dish Network Customers Want Help!

Some Customers Looking for Answers Over Persistent Billing and Service Complaints

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DISH Network hasn’t had a good year.

A lawsuit earlier this year put DISH on the hook for $61 million dollars for illegal telemarketing.

And the Better Business Bureau lists 1,217 complaints against the company in the past year over their billing practices, misleading promotions and sales tactics, poor service, and other issues.

Meanwhile, DISH’s Network’s Net Promoter Score — a measure of customers’ willingness to recommend a brand — puts it on par with Wells Fargo and Marlboro.

At Radvocate, we’re in the business of helping mistreated customers—our users—take on big companies like DISH Network, and turning complaints into compensation.

We’ll file your legal demand with DISH Network to let them know it’s serious. We’ll help you negotiate with the company and, if your claim can’t be resolved through negotiation, we’ll guide you through escalating to an independent legal process, if necessary.

And Radvocate get results — hundreds of resolved complaints each month throughout our customer base, with customers getting refunds, zero balances, and other compensation!

Do you want your complaint to be heard? Why not give us a try? It’s free to send a demand letter, and it’s 100% satisfaction guaranteed.