Ripped Off by a Door-to-Door Phone or Cable Salesman? Here's what to do

Customers are being duped by door-to-door sales schemes, but we don’t have to put up with it!

liar phone salesman

Did a sales rep from AT&T, Comcast, or another company come to your door while you were having another product installed?

Did they or another company offer a “special deal” to everyone at your work, and get you to sign up, just to find out you “didn’t qualify” and charge you more?

Customers have told us that they have been sold plans for services, only to find out that the company doesn't actually have that deal – Or the package was much more than that promised!

Now some customers are taking action!

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At Radvocate, we help thousands of customers with complaints against the big cable and wireless companies. One thing we hear again and again is that sales reps, especially those that come to your door, may tell you you’re eligible for a deal whether or not you really are. (Did this happen to you? We’ll help you file a claim for compensation.)

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Here’s some of what we’re hearing about:

A special trade-in deal pitched to some customers didn’t really exist.

But you might not know until the first bill comes—or even later—if you’re getting the deal you were promised. And by then it is “too late” because the phones you traded in cannot be returned to you.

If the sales person doesn’t get you, the fine print can too:

So you meet all the conditions for one of these deals. Did you know that, in some cases, if you’re one day late for a payment, *poof* there goes your rebate.

It’s true — we’re hearing from customers of companies like Verizon, T-Mobile, and others who are being denied their discount or their rebate under the most arcane contract terms.

Getting tripped up by the fine print is a frustrating situation—but you can fight back! It turns out in a lot of cases it’s not enough to bury something like that deep in the terms and conditions.

If this happened to you, you may have a claim to get compensation - like having a bonus re-applied to your account and a refund for the amounts that you overpaid.

The end result of these misleading offers, customers say, is huge bills that they did not expect, sometimes leading to problems with collections and credit scores down the road.

Don’t let this be you! Be on the lookout for door-to-door sales fraud.

And if they already got to you, let us know and claim compensation…

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