Phone or cable company charging you for equipment you returned? We'll help!

Consumers report being wrongly charged for equipment rentals, returns, and trade-ins

returned equipment issue

Some customers out there are doing everything right when closing their accounts with large companies.

They’re returning their equipment (phones, routers, modems, etc.) and everything.

But they are still being billed and held accountable for charges associated with that hardware that were supposed to be forgiven!

It’s a common story that we hear often from customers of companies like AT&T, T-Mobile, Comcast, and Verizon:

“The router wasn’t working, and the company told me to send it in for a replacement but say they never received my old router!”

“They told me to send my old phone back and get a new phone for free - then lost my old phone!”

“I canceled my service, and sent in my equipment but am still being charged monthly!”

“I’m being charged for a router that I don’t even have!”

Radvocate hears from consumers all over the country who are experiencing these kinds of problems. If you send a company your equipment and they “lose” it, we think that’s just plain wrong, and we want to help you get money back!

If you are still being charged for equipment that you know you returned or were promised that you didn’t have to return at all, it might be time to take action:

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What to do before you return your equipment:

  • Confirm, in writing (such as a text transcript), any deal that promises any reimbursement or payment for sending in your old equipment, and where that equipment should be sent

  • Make sure you backup any photos or documents from a phone before sending it in

  • Take a photo of the equipment so you have documentation of its condition before you send it

  • Before asking for a replacement of the equipment you are sending, find out if you are required to rent equipment like a wifi router from the company, or if you can purchase your own (which often saves money over the long run)

Some things to do when returning or trading in equipment:

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Through the mail:

  • Confirm with the company the address to which you should send the equipment

  • Ship via a method with delivery confirmation

  • Scan a copy of the receipt so you have a digital copy

In a store:

  • Get a returned equipment receipt

  • Don’t leave equipment unattended, even if employees say they will watch it for you

  • Scan a copy of the receipt so you have a digital copy

If you feel that you are being charged for equipment that you don’t have, or have already returned, We want to help!

Were you promised that you can keep your old phone, only to find out that you have to send it back to receive the promotion? Let us know!

We will work with you to send a legal claim to the company and get you a response and a real resolution to your issue.

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