T-Mobile scandal: Overbilled customers nationwide speak out

Is T-Mobile’s Corporate Office listening?

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Remember how Wells Fargo got in big trouble for slamming customers with accounts they never wanted? It sounds like T-Mobile could be next.

T-Mobile store employees are coming out of the woodwork to describe misleading sales practices. Employees say they crammed customer bills with hidden charges for things they never asked for, like T-Mobile's Jump Insurance program.

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From BGR:

Former T-Mobile employees and managers have contacted BGR to confirm a previously rumored scandal: that across the country, certain unscrupulous T-Mobile sales reps lie to customers and open lines on their accounts without permission, all to meet unrealistic sales goals. Management doesn’t just turn a blind eye, but uses a “Right Fit” guide to ensure salespeople are pushing extras like insurance onto as many customers as possible.

In December last year, a labor advocacy group published a report detailing many of these claims. Using a mixture of employee interviews and FTC complaints, Change to Win identified a trend of consumers having mobile phone insurance or extra lines added to their bills without permission, thanks to pressure on sales associates to meet sales goals focused on these extras.

Sales associates claimed that in some stores, there was a store-wide culture, reinforced by specific goals, that would push employees to regularly “slam” customers with services and products they didn’t need. When employees complained, they would be told to “find a need, or better, create a need.”

The most commonly abused add-on extra, according to multiple workers past and present, is the Jump insurance plan, which runs about $10 per month. Sales associates have a target of 80% of new customers signing on to Jump, which is generously described as “widely unrealistic.”

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