"License to steal?" Customers are being overcharged, but will AT&T listen!?

Feel like your wireless, cable, or internet bill is a scam? If you’re an AT&T customer, you’re not the only one.

CBS News is turning up angry customers of AT&T's wireless, U-Verse, and Direct TV services. They claim they were misled while signing up, only to be hit with hidden fees afterward.

If you were misled or overcharged by AT&T, we feel your pain!

Do you have a claim? Feds sue DirecTV for $3.95 billion deception

A lot of us feel like cable and internet companies are trying to rip us off. Now the Federal Trade Commission is setting out to prove it.

They say DirecTV misled 30 million customers about contract terms, promising new customers one rate then jacking up their prices. Many customers say they signed up for DirecTV's 12-month discount, but were stuck with a 2-year contract that nobody mentioned.

Signed a misleading contract and had your price jacked up? We feel your pain! You can file a claim to get compensation.