How Can You Take Action on Direct Selling Issues?

Radvocate collects Complaints from MLM victims. Here are some legal options you might not know about

The appeal is obvious:

  • Run your own business

  • Earn some spare cash

  • Take control of your financial future

Whether they’re called “Direct Selling,” “Multi-Level Marketing,” or (according to some) “Pyramid Schemes”, the common pattern of these types of sales networks is that you purchase goods from the corporation at the center, try to sell them yourself, and try to recruit new “downlinks” so that you can get credit for their sales as well.

At Radvocate, we help individuals take on big companies, and we want to hear your complaints about MLMs.

What’s the most frustrating company? Here's what the numbers say...

We crunched the numbers on over 50 top companies and found Dish Network sets the standard for worst customer services.

See the overall rankings and industry-specific rankings for airlines, cable, wireless, MLMs, rideshare, banks and financial services, car insurance.

What are the most hated companies?

Dish Network Named Most Frustrating Company. What Can Customers Do?

Dish Network has the most customers seeking legal options

A lawsuit decided earlier this year found DISH liable for telemarketing to numbers on the Do Not Call List, with penalties of up to $1200 per person.

If you have a complaint with DISH Network, and want compensation, Radvocate can process it for you — we get results: