Radvocate’s Current Services

 1) Automated Claim Management 

Radvocate will create a customized legal document putting them on notice!

Show them you're serious, negotiate from a position of strength, and start the clock ticking on independent legal action. Navigate the process with the help of ongoing information and alerts from Radvocate. 

Good if you: Want a flat fee; Feel comfortable with the Radvocate FAQs

2) Professional Claim Management

A Radvocate claim manager helps you through the process – You only pay if you win!

A personal Radvocate claim manager is available to assist with negotiations with the company and provide guidance around typical outcomes. If further legal action is needed, we'll file for arbitration and for a for a fee waiver (if applicable).

Good if you: Would like full-service support; Prefer to pay based on results