Questions about your Radvocate bill?

WHy did radvocate send me a bill?

If you received a Radvocate bill by e-mail, this means we believe that you had a successful resolution to a claim brought using Radvocate. Usually this is because either you reported a successful outcome, or our interactions with the company or other third parties indicate that you were successful. The most common successful outcome is some form of compensation from the company.

Radvocate, like most legal process companies, relies on income from successful outcomes to maintain and grow our business. When you signed up to process your claim through Radvocate, you agreed that in the case that your claim brought a successful outcome, Radvocate could bill you based on it.

How was my bill calculated?

Most Radvocate billing is based on a commission model, where Radvocate is entitled to a percentage of the compensation you received in a successful outcome.

Legal sector companies often charge based on this sort of model. (Think of it as a “tip” for the service). The specific commission percent you were charged may be indicated on your bill.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Radvocate’s preferred form of payment is by credit card. You may pay by credit card through your Radvocate dashboard. For questions about other ways to pay, please contact us.

How can I pay by Credit Card?

Credit card payments can be made directly by following the link that was e-mailed to you with your bill, or through your Radvocate dashboard.

How do I know credit card payment is secure?

Payments made to Radvocate are processed through Stripe, a tool used by over 100,000 business of all sizes around the world. Radvocate never sees your credit card information, and an electronic receipt is always available.

What if I received credits on my bill, and no cash compensation?

If you received bill credits as part of your resolution with the company, there are a few considerations to be aware of:

  1. If you are no longer a customer of the company (and so have no use for the credits), you can usually ask that they be converted to cash. You should ask the company’s customer service for this credit to be disbursed as cash. (More information coming soon…)

  2. If you are still a customer of the company, then these credits will be applied to past or future bills. We at Radvocate request that you pay your commission once enough credits have been applied in order to do so.

Can i speak with someone about my payment options?

Yes, we’re always willing to discuss the specifics of your payment situation. Please contact us for details.