New Data: American Express was most frequent target of consumer arbitration claims in Q2; 98% of Amex claims ended in settlement

Finance and telecom firms predominate within the still small consumer arbitration universe

Oakland, CA (August 7, 2019) - American Express proclaims of the company’s card, “Don’t live life without it.” But an increasing number of AmEx customers have been looking in another direction to solve their problems: The financial giant was the largest target of consumer arbitration claims resolved last quarter.  

This finding comes from analysis by consumer advocacy service Radvocate, which reviewed newly-released quarterly data on proceedings conducted by the American Arbitration Association (AAA).

Start-ups join forces to help Chase customers reject new contract clause

New site will send a free opt-out letter for any Chase customer to opt out of forced arbitration provision

LOS ANGELES & OAKLAND, CA – June 11, 2019 – A group of startups, led by banking venture HM Bradley and consumer claims startup Radvocate, are teaming up to help J. P. Morgan Chase credit card holders opt out of a new contract provision that many observers say puts consumers at a disadvantage.

When Chase started informing customers last week that credit card accounts would now be subject to dispute procedures of the private arbitration system, rather than public courts, the change made national news and attracted attention among observers ranging from business outlets to the halls of Congress to credit card rewards gurus.

The startups’ new Opt-Out service helps users fill details into a template letter rejecting the company’s arbitration provision. The service automatically prints the resulting letter, which is then mailed and tracked through its arrival at Chase’s legal address.

Consumer Complaints in California: 4 things we learned from the new Department of Consumer Affairs data portal

Effective consumer protection requires strong legal protections, which California models for the nation through such examples as its generally strong Unfair and Deceptive Acts and Practices legislation and its recent restrictions on auto-renewal of subscription services, to name just two examples.

Another requirement for effective consumer protection is strong and transparent enforcement. And it is for this reason that we were excited to check out the new Open Data Portal which the California Department of Consumer Affairs recently put online.

Here are Four interesting things we learned about customer complaints from the California Department of Consumer Affairs’ Open Data Portal.

As Companies Limit Consumer Lawsuits, Their Official Alternative Has Yet to Gain Traction

Data from American Arbitration Association Shows Few Consumers Exercise Legal Rights to Arbitration

OAKLAND, CA (May 2, 2019) - With over 150 million subscribers, AT&T is one of America’s largest companies. And in the first three months of 2019, exactly 111 of those customers resolved service disputes using the official legal venue outlined in the fine print of AT&T’s contract.