Reviews don’t make Verizon listen – Here’s what does

we’ve helped thousands of customers take on big companies like Verizon

Let’s say you have a complaint against Verizon and you want to leave a Verizon review. Maybe it’s a review of Verizon Wireless or maybe it’s a review of Verizon Fios.

There’s plenty of places to leave a bad review of Verizon like the Better Business Bureau or Consumer Affairs.

But why do you want to leave a review of Verizon?

Is it because Verizon did something wrong, and they won’t fix it? They probably won’t even admit to it, right?

We all have a sense of justice. We feel powerless when it seems like a big company like Verizon can do something wrong and just get away with it.

At Radvocate, we got tired of just leaving bad reviews of companies like Verizon. Sure it feels good, but it doesn’t fix the problem.

That’s why we help customers understand that you have an alternative to just leaving a bad Verizon review. And our alternative gets results!

What is it?

Radvocate helps you pursue a process called consumer arbitration. You just answer a few simple questions about what happened and we’ll put Verizon on legal notice on your behalf. Often times, this notice gets companies like Verizon to listen in ways that leaving a review rarely would.

Once a notice has been sent, many times a company like Verizon will offer to settle your complaint with a check or account credits. But if they don’t listen, we can help you escalate to the next legal stage…

That stage is called consumer arbitration, and unlike leaving a review or complaining to customer service, this puts your claim in front of an independent legal professional (the arbitrator) to decide.

Does it work?

It does. In the time it takes you to write an Verizon review, you can submit your complaint to us and get it sent to Verizon as a legal document.

Not all claims get awards, but those who do often see hundreds of dollars in refunds and credits for all too common issues like:

  • Price increases while under contract

  • Unpaid bonuses for switching carriers

  • Lying sales reps

  • Misleading buy one get one (BOGO) offers

  • Hidden fees

  • Returned equipment that was lost by the company

There are countless bad reviews online about these issues. So do you want to leave another bad Verizon review? Or do you want help taking action?

Instead of another bad review, let Radvocate help you take action against Verizon!

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Here are some reviews from real Radvocate customers who resolved issues with Verizon and other companies (found on TrustPilot):

Wow ... Yep I had my reservations ... "Maybe it isn't real", or "it's too good to be true?" BUT Radvocate is the real deal!
So professional, they help you get results where it fell on deaf ears or abuse by companies that don't deliver the service your paying for, taking not just your money but your valuable time. After a year and a half of trouble with a notable company Radvocate stepped in and stood by me filing and advising me the direction to go.

-Real review from a Radvocate user

What a great service - so much easier than navigating on your own. - so happy.

-Real review from a Radvocate user

What a great service - so much easier than navigating on your own. - so happy.

-Real review from a Radvocate user

They always stayed in contact with me every step of the process.

-Real review from a Radvocate user

They offer a great service- highly recommended!

-Real review from a Radvocate user

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